ENG Crews

Our ENG crews all consist of experienced camera operators and sound assistants, who have been delivering top quality for many years on the German and international television market.

KUK TV produces in all standard broadcast formats and codecs. Depending on the client’s requirements, we provide the complete camera equipment, including the tripod, microphone and lighting equipment. On request, we can also supply special equipment, such as hidden cameras, camera cranes or drones. KUK TV fulfils all the demands of professional and high-grade TV productions.

KUK TV also has ENG teams available at short notice with accreditations (Bundestag, German Federal Government) KUK TV is a fair and creative partner, which provides professional support in the audio-visual field.

Klaus Kabelitz

Specialist for sports reports and undercover stories

  • 1990 – “Jahr der Hoffnung” (Year of Hope), 45 min, ZDF production with Dieter Kronzucker
  • 1991 – “Erdgas vom Ural bis nach Südfrankreich” (Natural Gas from the Urals to the South of France), 45 min, Deutsche Welle
  • Since 1992 – Visual and editorial coverage of all boxing events for RTL, from Rocky to Henry Maske through to Wladimir Klitschko
  • Since 1995 Specialist for hidden-camera shoots for political magazine shows, such as “Frontal 21”, “Monitor” and “Fakt”
  • 2005 – “Chancellor Dual” – Schröder/Merkel
  • 2006 – “FIFA World Cup” and “Axel Schulz Comeback” for all RTL formats
  • Since 2008 Shooting all Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko boxing matches worldwide for RTL
  • Since 2007 Various reports in Florida
  • 2016 Coverage of the USA presidential election and documentaries

Ken Kabelitz

Specialist for full-frame camera shoots and hidden camera shoots

  • 2008-2015 Working part-time as camera assistant
  • 2015 Awarded Bachelor of Arts from the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida (HSMW) Media Studies Faculty – TV production focus
  • Since 2016 Cameraman

Since then shooting for various shows: ZDF Frontal 21, Berlin Direkt, Heute, RTL News, NTV News, RTL Boxing, Akte 2016, Punkt 12, ZDF Zoom

Trained for live-broadcast shoots, editing skills (available on-location with immediate transmission to TV channel), DJI Ronin operator, shoots FS7/full-frame

Jens Balling

Specialist for live transmissions and political coverage

Working for more than ten years as a freelance cameraman, as well as a media designer for image and sound. With numerous television broadcasters and clients from private industry to date.
Since training to become a photographer and media designer for image and sound, I have continuously gained extensive experience in camera operating, setting-up lighting equipment and sound recording, as well as in image design.

My references include ARD: Kontraste and Fakt, ZDF: heute, heutejournal, heute nacht, Drehscheibe, MoMa, MiMa, frontal 21, ZDF reporter, Leute heute, Berlin direkt, Mona Lisa, die Reportage, Länderspiegel and ZDFsport, 3SAT: Kulturzeit and Nano, RTL: Punkt 6 9 12, Explosiv, Exclusiv, Extra, RTL News, Nachtjournal and RTL Sport, N-TV: live camera for wide-ranging shoots and other requirements, KABEL1: Die Reportage

As a freelancer, I am experienced and trained in working independently and being flexibly available for shooting locations and times. My personal strengths include teamwork and the ability to grasp situations quickly, as well as creativity.

Hanno Rank

Specialist for full-frame camera shoots and reports

Reports, political magazine shows, news for public and private TV broadcasters, image films
Likings: Food, garden, travelling, culture


  • 2010 “Anders sehen in Norwegen” (A Different View in Norway), MDR/freelance report (Norway)
  • 2011 “Die Sozialhelden” (The Social Heroes), MDR/freelance report
  • 2012 “Jung genug um die Welt zu verbessern” (Young Enough to Improve the World), MDR/freelance report (Sri Lanka)
  • 2013 “No more Tabus”, MDR/freelance report
  • 2014 “Mobil um jeden Preis” (Furniture at Any Price), MDR/Exakt-Die Story
  • 2015 “Kinder haften für ihre Eltern” (Children Are Liable for Their Parents), ARD/Deutschlandreportage
  • 2016 “Pfarrers Kinder” (Pastor’s Children), documentary
  • 2016″Jill Kussmacher”, Dominican Republic, RTL2 Family Stories

Image films
Spreequell, Thüringer Waldquell, Glashäger, Margon
Merian, Loreal, Amapur, German Garden and Landscaping Association,
Federation of German Food and Drink Industries (BVE)

Magazine shows
Vox/Wissenshunger, prominent N-TV/Reise, deluxe, Kabel1/Abenteuer Leben, ZDF/Volle Kanne, Sonntags, Menschen-Das Magazin, MDR/freelance reports, artour, RBB/Stilbruch, Was, SWR/Grünzeug